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Alright, the idea is good I guess, thanks for the reply.
But there's something I have to do about the definition of my floating. Because currently it is set to 10m above the ground (=10m on the z-axis) which obviously is not right. So I have to redefine my ray. I am aware of trigonometry, but I can't get this working. I have to get the ray rotating with the object, but I don't know why. Any idea? smile


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Hey there!
So I'm just messing around with this engine and I'm feeling pretty comfortable with it. And lately I have played with some raycasts. There's one thing that I am really not able to do. I've got my object. It's floating. Works. But now the point is, that I want the object to always be parallel to the ground. So I thought, I could do this by shooting a ray into the ground and check if that is perpendicular. But I can't get this working. Maybe you could help me.

In case you are wondering what I am trying to do, go drive that ramp up. Controls are W A S D, have fun! http://www.file-upload.net/download-684 … t.zip.html

Edit: Im kinda unexperienced in coding and this helps me getting used to it a lot. I would prefer ideas of how to do it over real code snippets. Thanks in advance smile