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zester wrote:

If you decided this is a task you want to take on, use OpenCV instead of LibTheora or FFMPEG. Because ...

1. OpenCV already uses those librarys for video playback
2. Getting OpenCV to play video on  texture is only a couple lines of code.
3. You get the added benefit of its builtin motion tracking, in a first person type game this feature could be used
to actualy look round a corner by slightly tilting and turning your head. Or controling a game in the sameway as Kinetic.

It would probable take 5min to get this feature implemented in the Maratis Engine and an hour for the Lua bindings. I could do it but everytime I even breath on those scon's build scripts they blow up in my face.

Thanks i'll consider using OpenCV specially if it's easier to implement. I don't know about scons or even lua that much i started learning it for maratis.


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anael wrote:


the engine doesn't have a integrated feature for reading video.

But you can use a 3rdparty library, like libtheora (to read ogg theora video) : http://www.theora.org/
I did it for a project some years ago, unfortunately I don't have the code anymore.

You read the stream and send the result to a texture using MRenderingContext

Or using FFMpeg maybe, but I never tried : http://ffmpeg.org/

Well, thanks for the fast reply. And that was really helpfull thanks.


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Does anybody know how to add cinematics to game (i.e load a video and play it).

I looked at the wiki and it seems that there's no straight solution. Another thing i thought about is to convert the video to image sequence then animate it and play a sound but it seems like a bad solution .. Does anybody have ideas??