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Thank you very much, I understand, the solution is simpler than I thought. I'll just have to check the code.


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I have implemented in my project a  multi-thread assets load, meshes and animations load perfectly, but the textures are left blank, what should I change in my project or in the engine to avoid this problem?


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Thanks, it worked perfectly smile


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I have three scenes:

I need the three scenes to be shown as layers at once in this way: World is the Sky layer and GUI is the World layer, meaning Sky is in the background, World in the middle and GUI is in front. but the engine only allows the rendering of two layers, what can I do?


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I have solved it, adding this code in the update function:

MOEntity * weapon = scene->getEntityByName("star");
MOEntity * keyla = scene->getEntityByName("ky"); 
MOBone * bone = keyla->getMesh()->getArmature()->getBoneByName("IK.hand.R");
weapon->setPosition(  keyla->getTransformedVector( bone->getTransformedPosition() ) );
weapon->setEulerRotation(   bone->getEulerRotation() + keyla->getEulerRotation() );


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I have tried in several ways to link an object to a bone (for example, to match a weapon to the hand of a character) but I have had difficulties with the transformations and I have not been able to solve them

works well on objects with a single texture and a single material, objects with various textures and various materials has no effect.
I see the bindTexture () function takes an optional second parameter called multitextureId should I allocate a value to this variable?

I want to achieve a retro result, using very small as in this game textures:

http://cdn.akamai.steamstatic.com/steam … 1469233030


http://insertmoin.de/wp-content/uploads … moirai.jpg


the problem is that maratis smooth textures making small textures look very blurry, can I disable smoothing?

sorry, my English is very low.
I manually using the code maratis not use the publisher nor the lua api, I schedule everything in C ++

I just try maratis 4 and there is no problem in this respect smile
You could carry my project Maratis4? Or even missing work to be used by a user? I clarify that do not need the editor, but compile my project as in the example "ManualUse"

I guess in maratis 4 The problem has been solved but let me tell you what I have discovered: from the character with hex code \ x07E two characters are needed to represent each character that follows, ie \ x0C2 \ x0A3 together represent £ but separate account other characters.

MOText.cpp line in each individual character 247 is separated and searches and their meaning, so the display characters are incorrect.

I will review Maratis 4

I use Netbeans on Linux, and the encoding of my project is UTF-8, yet the problem persists, I have compiled a number of ways including using scons and the problem persists.

when I asingo a text string with a MOText setText object symbols that non-English language are displayed incorrectly, for example "Ñ U" and the like. ¿I can fix this display? I have noticed that the editor no problem any.

Help me please!! :"(


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I have tried many ways to add Behavior LookAt a camera but no way it works, how it is done?

Can I make this in a simple way?

the "isKeyPressed ()" function is not detected when I press the number keys on a laptop, how can I solve this problem?


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Thanks for your help Anael. I have other question: why doesn´t work the object’s physical simulation when I active their physical properties after the scene is loaded in the Update () function?


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I wanna work with maratis SDK following the example of the engine manual use, I'm trying to make a ray to know on top of which object is the mouse placed regarding what IsRayHit() function does which always returns false instead of detecting the object, I leave you the code         

                float x = input->getAxis("MOUSE_X");
                float y = input->getAxis("MOUSE_Y");

                MVector3 vi = camera->getUnProjectedPoint(MVector3(x,y,0));
                MVector3 vo = camera->getUnProjectedPoint(MVector3(x,y,1));

                //cout<<" "<<vo.x<<" "<<vo.y<<" "<<vo.z<<endl;

                if(physics->isRayHit(vi, vo, &collisionObjId, &point)){
                //cout<<point.x<<"  "<<point.y<<"   "<<point.z<<endl;

                MOEntity * entity = scene->getEntityByName("monkey");
                MPhysicsProperties * phyProps = entity->getPhysicsProperties();


The object has a physical property active, but the ray is not detecting it


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Hi guys! I see that some time ago a new version of maratis is not released, Will there be future versions?


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(not speak good English)

What I can do to start the level from a file using C ++ sdk?
my project does not have any level and I want to add them manually from C ++, but when I use the function engine-> LoadLevel (