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sad finally decided to quit my maratis3d.org development blog (maratisdiary.posterous.com -- http://ahb.me/317X), i just don't have the time to properly invest in this project anymore --sigh-- maybe, hopefully later

thanks for the fun! keep up the great work! smile


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ok, i made some very n00bish attempts to get started yesterday, mainly pertaining to scons.
here's what happened: http://maratisdiary.posterous.com/maratis-2011-03-05

btw, thanks for helping me out, davide!


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i'd like to volunteer on the ubuntu "port", but i'm not too experienced with programming, i have mostly done bash scripts. if anyone is willing to teach me, i'll put as much time into as i can. i created the #maratis3d irc channel, so you can find me there. gtalk is philipkthompson @ gmail. skype is "fromtijuana".

last minute news: me and a friend mine, who'll be joining the forum soon, will hook up RL to work on this and other particular maratis challanges for a few hours.



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i'd like to announce that i'm opening an irc channel on freenode, called #maratis3d ..i'll be on it as much as possible, in order for it to remain