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anael wrote:

One thing I miss a lot now is the good and slow adventure game, and it's one of the reason I don't play really video-game anymore (I'm older, age, work and free time are also a factor). They mainly tell a story, there is rarely any action, and you can play at you own rhythm, no time check, mostly no game over. I really liked these games, Monkey Island, Game of the tentacle, Riven...

You and me both, Anael. I probably go a bit further back - some of the old text-only adventure games were wonderful things (well, until someone came up with the ideas of totally illogical puzzles and mazes).

Hmmm ... now that gives me an idea ...

Thanks, zester - a brilliant tutorial.

I've spotted a couple of things in it which are blindingly obvious now you've pointed them out (I have never been able to understand them before). So well done!

Please keep them coming.

I'd say a big yes.


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I have my own issues with Blender, centred around the user interface. However, there can be no argument about it - on a cost versus efficiency basis, it can't possibly be beaten at present. I think Andrew Price has highlighted the interface problems at the perfect time - just as the version is about to go up to 2.7 - and I suspect that his suggestions for improvement will be incorporated throughout the 2.7 series.

Don't throw Blender in the rubbish bin just yet.

You, sir, are a godsend.

I really look forward to seeing your models, which could save me months of work.


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Well, that's a shame, TD. I've learned a lot from the exchanges between yourself and heartseed. I'm still nowhere near doing anything constructive, but I've learned a lot smile

Best of luck in your next venture.


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Just a note about MakeHuman.

If you happen to be using Ubuntu 13.04, then the latest version of MakeHuman will NOT run (well, the 32-bit version won't run - I have no experience of the 64-bit version). This is a problem which, we're told, will be solved in the next major release of MakeHuman.

However, things aren't as bad as they seem, because the Windows version of MakeHuman DOES run in Ubuntu 13.04 under Wine. That surprised me a little, so I've been trying to break it - I haven't succeeded.


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Well, I tend to use Sketchup as a quick outliner for buildings, but then I import into Blender for any finishing. The problem (as I see it) with Sketchup models is that they LOOK like Sketchup models unless you do a whole host of other work - in which case you may as well be doing that work in Blender.

Having said that, a lot of Blender complexity is still a mystery to me. I begin any model apart from buildings in a old copy of Silo 3D (I would use Wings 3D, but it no longer runs on an up-to-date Ubuntu installation). Come to think of it, I use a lot of software merely to avoid Blender, and then use Blender as a final polishing tool. Maybe it's time I stopped being lazy and really got to grips with the Blender interface.

In general, then - yes. Any tool I can find which is easy to use and does a job well is fine by me.


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I posted some time ago that I was going to use Maratis for my project. Since then, I've been back through the doubt/ take another look/ come to the same conclusions cycle again - so Maratis it definitely is!

What I'm intending to do is produce a guided interactive model of my home village as it was in the 12th and 13th centuries. The monks of the priory here left a large amount of records, so I have some pretty reliable information on who and where people were (including names and families!).

I'm telling you this to commit myself to the project and so stop myself from going through the dreaded doubt cycle again. I'm also telling you because I suspect I'll be asking a lot of noobie questions.

Wish me luck!


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Hello all. At last an engine I can understand!!!!!

I've been playing about with Blender for a couple of years now, but never managed to gain any kind of proficiency. But I have ideas and plenty of time and no great pressure to do anything in particular. I have a game in my head which has never got out of my head because of my lack of understanding of most engines - but here's one where all the important files are directly readable. Oh, that's luxury for me.

Well done. I hope Maratis has an extremely long life, because I'm actually going to use this one. The game may never see the light of day, but that doesn't matter - I'm going to have fun. Loads of thanks.