collada animation yes,but isthe commands to edit and play collada animation?


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"See Blender Collada Export for example."
in Blender > Export > Collada (default) (.dae)
the export options window does not appear

i have tried file > import 3d model
to import a colada animated mesh exported from blender
but during the game the mesh just starts to animate
it seems that there are no export options or commands to animate collada yet,right?


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"I think what you need is called "blending animations". "

"I don't think it's supported yet."
let's see what anael says because I really need to know


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will not work
would have to wait the sequence to finish first in order to change
when the normal is stop and change


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where i do set/change the smooth transition value between animations?

"For both ways the meshs will be always converted in binary during publishing"

if i publish my game before this,the .blend is exposed?
anyone can easily open my character.blend file in blender and play with it?


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would be very useful if you include an similar command as the other game engines

angle = Mathf.DeltaAngle(turretPos, targetPos)
rotate(turret, {x, y, z}, angle, "local")

Mathf.DeltaAngle(curPos, targetPos);
Calculates the shortest difference between two given angles
This function returns the shortest distance between the two angles, relative to the first angle.


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the Look at behaviour does not work for a turret game
the behaviour does not rotate the object gradually he just points instantly
which prevents an turret just start spinning gradually by the shortest path and only when the target comes close to a distance range


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I prefer the method using the point to access the attribute
Thanks com3D!


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in your first example the objects and speed parameter list were created inside the player list,using commas at the end and you must use the point access to each parameter

player = {
objs = {getObject("player1"), getObject("player2")},
speed = {-0.4, -2},

for j=1, #player.objs do
        translate(player.objs[j], {0,player.speed[j],0}, "local")
        if player.speed[j] > 3 then player.speed[j] = 3 end

which is quite different from the getClone example
is there any difference between choosing to use one of these methods?


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if i have a enemy cloneList and a turret cloneList and both with a parameter with
the same name : life

enemy = getObject("enemy")
enemyCloneList = {}
life = {100,100,100}
for j=1, 3 do
    table.insert(enemyCloneList, #enemyCloneList + 1, getClone(enemy))

turret = getObject("turret")
turretCloneList = {}
life = {100,100,100}
for k=1, 3 do
    table.insert(turretCloneList, #turretCloneList + 1, getClone(turret))

is this parameter with the same name associated with the "correct" corresponding cloneList just for being right below it?


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outside the cloneList?
if there are other lists just put the variables outside and below the corresponding list?


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in this case,using getClone example,where to set the speed variable table for each clone?

object = getObject("object")
cloneList = {}
for j=1, 3 do
    table.insert(cloneList, #cloneList + 1, getClone(object))

   for j=1, #cloneList do
       rotate(cloneList[j], {0, 0, 1}, 1, "local")


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ok thanks
but I still need pass the current target (the closest enemy) to each turret in the lua script
the only way to do this is using the look-at behavior attached to each turret?


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delta yaw angle
how much (remaining amount/angle) an object should be rotated by in order to face completely the other object
and knowing this angle I can define a accuracy range so that the enemy/cpu can shoot the player


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are you using lua 3D math in the 2D rotation example?
for true 3D using look-at behaviour directly does not show me the delta yaw angle that I need to define "aiming acurracy range"


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hi,anael thanks

which of those 3D math lua commands I use to calculate the delta yaw angle between two objects?


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how to rotate an object towards another?
how to calculate the distance between two objects?
I did not find lua functions for this


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I forgot the commas
it worked
Now I'll test with some of the functions


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let me explain better
the balls were spinning before including the speed property table
but stopped running after adding it
and for testing I disabled it and it worked again


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hi,com3D and  thanks

but the 3 balls only rotates when I turn off the speed property

ball = {
      objs = {getObject("ball1"),getObject("ball2"),getObject("ball3")}
      --speed = {-0.4, -2,3}

function onSceneUpdate()
      for j=1, #ball.objs do 
       rotate(ball.objs[j], {0, 0, -1}, 1)


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ok thanks
but for now I prefer to start with the normal method first to understand how the lua script works in maratis
and then I'll try with the plug ins

in this example how to include more players ( instead just one ) and Loop through all of them?

players = {
    objs = more than one player?
    speed = 3,
    update = function()
                   for each player
                              if player speed > 3
                                 player speed = 3



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thanks Nistur

I am more of an artist than a programmer and although I think it
too complicated I'll take a look at the links

is MScriptableBehavior ( with MEvent and MScriptExt ) the only way to create and access (get/set) "custom" properties/attributes in Maratis lua scripts?

MScriptableBehavior "player" {
    speed = 3,

can I only access and change the speed of a specific enemy in a array?