I would like to show you my next game. The title:  Space Patrol
This is a sci-fi game.  You have to escort a space vessel to a base ship. You have to fly throught asteroids and have to fight against enemy ships.
W s a d
Mouse1: machine Gun
Mouse3: Rocket

The models was made by KHED3d and Milkshape3d. (they are really low poly)


A képet a Képfeltöltés.hu tárolja. http://www.kepfeltoltes.hu

The Project file:

http://www.mediafire.com/download/chp78 … rol.tar.gz

(The project can be modifield as you like)



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Yes, I did:

I tried many ways to prepare animation in Blender, but I gave up in the absence of success.

I also thought that the python version is not appropriate in my system or something else not work well...
(I try to install milkshape3d addon for Blender, without succes.)

But the good news is, my problem is solved.

I tried Milkshape3d and i realized that Maratis can play Ms3d animations (Ms3d native file format) without problem, and it also can play direct x file format.(a bit faster, than i made)
I also tried different other formats which MilksS. offer, but unfortunately the others did not work for me..

So, thanks again for your help,



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But I have not + option. Sorry for the poor quality attached picture, I will attach another one. I use Blender 2.63, under Linux. Is this possible,that plugin not works properly Blender 2.63?
Plugin name is: maratis_exporter_blender266(v2).


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Thanks for the quick response!

I didn't added animation (Maratis Anims slot is empty), but I don't know, how can I add it?

I ask  for your help what is the right way making and  exporting animated model from Blender for Maratis3d.
So my way:
1. I Made a model
2. I Added materials and texture
3. IAdded armature
4. I Attached armature to the model (Control -P "Automatic weight...")
5. I changed to Posing view and I made animation.

So far the animation works in blender, but when I exported it, the Maratis imported the bones and the models ( Mesh directory contains .maa, and .mesh files), but model isn't animating.

What am I doing wrong?



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Thank you!

I installed OpenAl but there is still no sound. I think, the problem cause of some missing dependencies or i do something wrong.(not too long ago I used linux, and  I could not use it well.)
Actually I do not really problem is that there is no sound. The other functions work well, run fast, easy to handle so I really like this engine.



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This is my next Maratis game. It's a really simple shooter game.
The story:
You a gunner of an Us military base in 1941, and you have to defend your base from enemies planes.
  The are 3 types of enemies: scout (pretty fast), bomber , and kamikaze (most dangerous).
  Good luck 

The development was under linux(puppy linux) (with my old toshiba L30 laptop), but unfortunately I couldn't add any sound

The planes and cannon models was made by Khed3d (exported to obj), the terrain was made by milkshape3d terrain generator,  fire effect was stolen from Maratis Demo (Jules)

I upload a video of the game: https://youtu.be/oA2ohDPTBHc


the next GAme I want to introduce is an simple FPS game that takes place in the Aliens' planet.
( There aren't Aliens  only have to fight against facehuggers)

A képet a Képfeltöltés.hu tárolja. http://www.kepfeltoltes.hu

A képet a Képfeltöltés.hu tárolja. http://www.kepfeltoltes.hu

A képet a Képfeltöltés.hu tárolja. http://www.kepfeltoltes.hu

Unfortunately , the video is very lagging



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Thank you for your reply.  I couldn't record ingame video, so I made some pictures. 

Start point:

In game pic1:

In game pic2:


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This is my first Maratis project. Its a kind of maze game, with a Helicopter. I use linux system (puppy linux), and the engine worked fine, excepting the sound. No wav, no ogg audible, so I didn't add any tune to the game. (Maybe my sound driver not works suitable).


UP - Forward
DOWN - Backward
LEFT - Left
RIGHT - Right
Q - Upward
D - downward
ESCAPE - exit the game

The published project can be download:
http://www.mediafire.com/download/2hdo6 … eli.tar.gz

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXpbf3udLDY



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anael wrote:

you can apply the inverse of the gravity multiplied by the mass of the object :

-- scene update
function onSceneUpdate()

    addCentralForce(Object, -getGravity()*getMass(Object))


and you can additionally do your regular movement :

-- scene update
function onSceneUpdate()

    addCentralForce(Object, -getGravity()*getMass(Object))
    addCentralForce(Object, vec3(0.1, 0.0, 0.0)) -- additional move toward X


Thank you for your advise.
I tried it, but up/down force is not elimated fully by “inverse of gravity”. It is necessary additional correcting controll for the object.  But I think it wouldn’t be a big problem.:).


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Tutorial Doctor wrote:

I actually did this in my artificial intelligence level accidentally. I parented a cone to the object and made the cone a ghost object with physics.

Now you can check collisions with the cone, and add a central force to the object when something collides with e cone.

If the cone is rotated towards the ground, and it is long enough, then it will act as a ground detection device, and the object will get a jolt every time the cone touches the ground.

Thanks and it's good idea!
But actually my "game concept" is a kind of “helicopter game” where the player have to avoid the ground obstacles. So the player task to control the heli., not necessary automatic controlling.


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I am really sorry of about missing lines of my question. So my question ending:
"I raise up/down this object (helicopter) by  adding central force, but I can't  helicopter maintain in one place of the air.".

If I disable physics, how it will interaction with the word?



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I need some advise. My question is how can I levitate an object in the air . I raise up/down by using