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This is my next Maratis game. It's a really simple shooter game.
The story:
You a gunner of an Us military base in 1941, and you have to defend your base from enemies planes.
  The are 3 types of enemies: scout (pretty fast), bomber , and kamikaze (most dangerous).
  Good luck 

The development was under linux(puppy linux) (with my old toshiba L30 laptop), but unfortunately I couldn't add any sound

The planes and cannon models was made by Khed3d (exported to obj), the terrain was made by milkshape3d terrain generator,  fire effect was stolen from Maratis Demo (Jules)

I upload a video of the game:


the next GAme I want to introduce is an simple FPS game that takes place in the Aliens' planet.
( There aren't Aliens  only have to fight against facehuggers)
A képet a Képfeltölté tárolja.
A képet a Képfeltölté tárolja.
A képet a Képfeltölté tárolja.

Unfortunately , the video is very lagging

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Good effort, congrats.

I should take a look at this sound problem,
did you try to install OpenAL and OpenAL dev libraries ?

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Thank you!

I installed OpenAl but there is still no sound. I think, the problem cause of some missing dependencies or i do something wrong.(not too long ago I used linux, and  I could not use it well.)
Actually I do not really problem is that there is no sound. The other functions work well, run fast, easy to handle so I really like this engine.


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wow great games big_smile

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