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Typos, typos...
Ok, I did everything possible to fix the graphics driver on 8, but it's not allowing me to update.
Which means I am going to have to consider updating to 8.1 if I'm going to be using Maratis [choke sad ]. Anyways, that I believe is the end of this story. Thanks


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Ansel, I think you are right.

Oops. Hue mistake. That should be : anael, I think you are right.


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Sorry to have alarmed anyone.I'll know for sure by next year when I revert back to windows 8. In the mean time I get to take Maratis for a spin.
Again, thanks for all the help.

Welcome Ansel. Apparently next year came sooner than it is due, for obvious reasons. lol

Could be related to OpenGL

Ansel, I think you are right. After sleeping on it, I figured it must be related to drivers which 8.1 installed, related to graphics. My first thought was directx, but I had that installed on 8, so I  figured it must be OpenGL.
I'm going to see if I can fix it.


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I'm sorry I have to bring this up again.
I don't get it.
This is interesting.
I started with a clean windows 8, and Maratis is crashing again.
What is it that's missing from 8 on my system that prevents it running, whereas it runs on 8.1 on the same system?
Is it only me, or is any other windows 8 user having the same problem?
Does anyone have any ideas about this?

I know some might say, Why don't you stick with 8.1? Problem Solved.
However, that doesn't fix the problem, it merely bypasses it. Besides, I have good reasons for not wanting to use 8.1.
Any ideas why this might happen, anyone?


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Maratis ran after windows 8 updated to 8.1... which seem to indicate, not a problem with the graphics card, but system settings probably were messed up.
I'll know for sure by next year when I revert back to windows 8. In the mean time I get to take Maratis for a spin.
Sorry to have alarmed anyone. Again, thanks for all the help.


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Yes, I'm using a laptop, and no, I don't see 'Run With Graphics Processor'. So I guess that means 'my device is useless' in this case. Your advice however, was rather useful, since I thought my graphics card was a good one. Now I am learning otherwise. That's useful knowledge for future, since I'll be pushing in the direction of serious 3d graphics. Thanks.
Sorry I have to leave Maratis though. I was considering these three engines that looked promising - jmonkeyengine, gameplay3d, and maratis. Gameplay3d tried to deliver me a backdoor trojan, which now has me a bit wary of it. Maratis isn't running on my system, so that leaves me jmonkeyengine. I hope it doesn't fail me.
Thanks for all your help. This is the first forum I've spent so short a time, but the first with the most helpful and quick responses. Keep up the good work.


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Oh, and all my drivers are updated.


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Installed vcredist. Run Maratis. Crashed.
Thanks though.


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No error message before crash.
I already have the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package installed, but I'll reinstall it. Any help is worth a try. I'll let you know in a moment.


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I did some research. GPU - graphics processing unit. This is the first time I am hearing of it. However, that spells money. Even though Maratis looks good, I wouldn't want to spend money on it just for its looks. I have used many free engines, and ended up switching to another because of limitations or bugs. If I can't get Maratis working without spending money, then I think it would be better to try something else.
Thanks for all your replies. This is a great forum. I've been on forums where getting just one reply was like pulling teeth. Keep it up.
I'm  being forced to update to windows 8.1. Maybe that might solve the issue - I hope.
Otherwise ...


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Ah yes Vegas. I found the files here \MaratisSVN\trunk\dev\prod\win32_i386\release\Maratis\Bin\MaratisEditor.exe also, but it still crashes. Thanks
Cygorx, I ran it as administrator, and it still crashes. How do I run it with the GPU (don't understand GPU)?


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Thanks for the swift response.
The links are to a build, which I have already done with the 32 bit.
I had successfully followed the steps here http://wiki.maratis3d.org/index.php?tit … or_Windows
The thing is, I did not know what steps to take next, or how to run the program using this method. I tried running maratisCode\trunk\dev\Maratis\Editor, but I can't run the script. I have vs2008. Do I  need to upgrade? What's the best way for me to get started?


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I just extracted Maratis-3.21-beta-win32 to my work folder, and ran MaratisEditor from the bin folder. It just crashes and tells me that Maratis has stopped working.
I am running on windows 8 64 bit.
previous to extracting the file, I had downloaded, and built the source code. Would that be causing the problem?