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A nice one, as well! Although my first thought was: whatfor does he need this animation as a gif in a game?
But, now I can imagine some use for this, f.i. animated parts in the user interface of the game.
Thanks! wink


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Great tutorial! Thanks a lot for that one! smile


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This is what I had in mind:
http://www.wonderhowto.com/how-to-do-re … sl-377669/
I was wrong while remembering, that you could combine three textures, sadly you can combine only two textures in the way shown in the video. You need(!) three textures, but one of them is for the blending.
The version of blender that is used in the video seems to be 2.48, at least it is not 2.49b, the version that I still use from time to time.
The shader should come with blender. Hope it helps.


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I'm a bit surprised that Blender isn't considered as sufficient for terrain making. It probably depends of the wished size, though.

Create a plane, subdivide it depending of your needs, then restrict the deformation to the z axis, and use the sculpt tool to deform it.
As a result of the Yo Frankie project there is still a shader for blending and painting three different textures on the terrain.
And, depending of the size of the terrain, you can seperate it as different meshes as anael suggested.
Only his suggestion makes a difference in rendering the terrain in the engine at the moment.


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congratulation to your great little engine and develop environment. Its ease of use is very convincing. Beside making games myself, I make some workshops from time to time, mainly with young people. Maratis seems to fit very well with short introductions to game making where the youngsters can see fast results while fiddling around with the editor and the script.

What is missing right now are the publishing pipelines. Maybe, I only didn't see it, but there seems to be no publishing pipeline for windows, as well, right?

Generally, I would like to see publishing pipelines to windows, iphone and android.

Thank you for these nice little tool. I hope it will grow without loosing its lucid approach!