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Thanks, your advice has been very useful to discovering my mistake!
My .fbx file (character + anims) comes from Autodesk Motion Builder. When it is imported in Blender, it's necessary to
"(re)manipulate/timing" every animation through NLE editor->Add Action Strip, in a manner similar to as explained in Tutorial/Example section, "MERGING BVH's TOGETHER" by Vegas.
After that, it's possible to set up the start/end frame for every anims (Ex. Idle 1-20; Walk 21-30 and so on) and export all data in .mesh format into the game engine.
And does it work very fine in Maratis!


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Hi Anael,
nice to meet you and thanks for your quick reply!
As you suggested,  below I copied the first lines of the .mesh file



    <ArmatureAnim file="MyCharAnims.maa" />
    <MaterialAnim file="MyCharAnims.mma" />
    <TextureAnim file="MyCharAnims.mta" />
    <Anims num="4">
        <anim id="0" name="" start="2" end="72" loops="-1" />
        <anim id="0" name="" start="2" end="27" loops="-1" />
        <anim id="0" name="" start="2" end="86" loops="-1" />
        <anim id="0" name="" start="2" end="120" loops="-1" />

For some reason, It seems to be only one Id and no name for, instead, different animations...
Yes, I already gone in the entity properties in Maratis, trying to "switch" between the animations, but I got only the same animation at different start/end frame.
Thanks for your help!


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I've an fbx file with a character and a bunch of animations attached to. So I've imported this file into Blender (2.74 version), chose Maratis as "Engine to rendering" in the tool bar, pushed on the "+" signs for each animations and setted up the start and end frame for each one.
But, once exported in Maratis, I can only saw just one of the animations which initially were into the fbx file.
What's wrong? Could you please explain me how I can use all the animations?
Thanks and goodbye!