Topic: Important LUA Scripts needed.

I have been away for a while learning another piece of software to help me make game design documents for my game ideas.

A few lua scripts that I had been working on, because I felt they were a must for starting with Maratis, were:

1) Control Schemes
2) Animation Class
3) Artificial Intelligence Class

Pretty much I think it would be nice to have a few libraries for Maratis that are easy to understand, adaptable, and efficient.

Starting from pure scratch in Maratis every time I have a new idea takes a toll on my workflow.

We already have two control Schemes via the Jules Demo, and the Sponza level. I tried to make them adaptable (Jules level requires certain geometry to have certain settings, while parented to certain other gemoetry), but I haven't find a nice way to do it yet.

Many of Vegas's scripts are very adaptable with a few edits.

My Maratis Starter Pack was an attempt at collecting assets in one place to be re-used, but it got sorta chaotic. So, I am going to have to work on libraries.

I can't think of other important lua scripts right now, but I will update the list soon.