Topic: Armature plugin issue

So I have got armature plugin from here:

It works fine with model without animation, but it has no effect on model with animation.

I need a man model, who can walk and aim weapon same time.

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Re: Armature plugin issue

did you read this documentation ?

Animation is only supported by Armatures, in case you animate objects directly.

Also, don't forget to setup this :

You can also look at this tutorial :

Re: Armature plugin issue

I have already done animation to my model and its works correctly in Maratis.
I also use "armature manipulation plugin" and its works fine too.

Problem is when I try to use both (animation and plugin) in the same time. The plugin is no longer affects on model that has animation.

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Re: Armature plugin issue

animation will overwrite any bones transformation you are doing,
you have to remove the keyframes of the bones you want to transform (by editing your mesh file manually for example)