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PunBB bbcode testPunBB bbcode test

Nothing fancy , but i think that can be used in a vertical shooter or platformer traps

- Top pannel is moving left and right with a timer, and 3 cubes switch back to pannel position when they reach the bottom screen
- You can move the red ball with left and right but its useless (no collision or actions attached)

Example 1
• Project : NeverEnd
• Lua script only: NeverEnd


Here's an updated version, i used Anael's object oriented example instead of 3 basic cubes, i will use only one and i added some variations (random speed, (notso)random scale)

Example 2
• Project_v2 : NeverEnd_v2
• Lua script only : NeverEnd_v2

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Thanks for uploading the lua script. I like to look at scripts and get ideas! I might try to work on some dynamic text object using  only lua. (really needed)

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You're welcome smile
ps. Small update to the post