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One computer that Maratis has been tested on (unfortunately no specs on the machine at the moment) all that was displayed was the pale blue  Maratis colour in place of the 3D scene. I assume it's a hardware issue, what is likely to cause this problem and can it be avoided?

... if only the people I worked with were in the same city, I could go and check and see what's going on...

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there has been some users that needed to update their 3d drivers to be sure to have opengl.
is it on windows ?

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Ok not sure if my computer has the same problem and i cant figure out how to put up an image so ill try to explain it

when i fire up maratis i get regular screen no problems all axis visible

if i try to add lights camera and sound it all works fine (havent tried text)

if i try to load any mesh it doesnt how up i can see the yellow bounding box but not the model(if i switch to fixed renderer its fine)

that sums up my only problem with maratis and ill share my specs if you ask for them

EDIT: so I was expierementing with it more and if I make a mesh invisible it outlines the faces normally
also in the small demos shadTest file the teapot displays perfectly but the room is invisible
outline of light camera and sound and meshs are blocked by the "Invisible" models that aren't rendering right

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Hi Rapdorian,

it could be a limitation of your hardware if the tpot is working it uses a very simple shader with less shader calls.

Are you using the current release or a build from svn ? on windows ?

Can you see if there is a message in the console window (or in maratis_log.txt) ? opengl version, error message...

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Current release

Windows 7

This is all it says about opengl

Notice     found GL version 3.1.0 - Build     in Maratis::start     in g:\development\maratis_svn\trunk\dev\maratis\editor\maratis\maratis.cpp

no particular error message

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can you send me a screenshot of the "Custom shaders" example  ?
here :

Re: Maratis just displays a blue screen

How do i put up pictures

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you have to upload your image and use the BBCode :

if you can't, send me a mail.