Topic: Question about the real time shadow

First i want to say i love the shadows in maratis. Sharp at the object and soft in the distance. Perfect for dark small rooms with only a few light sources.

But my graphics card becomes a little vulcano. Its a gtx275, maratis runs good on it and after 20 minutes in the editor the card is up at 85°C. I tried to reach this temperature with cycles/cuda or other game engines. It gets hot there to, but not that much.

Whats so special with the shadows?

Re: Question about the real time shadow

waw, it's hot yes !
There is nothing special with the shadows except there are using a lot of shader computation from the 3d card,
so it consumes more energy. But even on my laptop it's not going so high...
There is some improvement going on with Maratis that might make this better, the main loop gets too much priority.

I'm not sure, but what you can try before the new release is to set a lower priority for maratis.exe (if you are on windows).