Topic: ÿ in MaratisEditor under Linux

For some reason, whenever I press any non-character key in Maratis editor under Linux (eg, Enter, Shift, Ctrl...), if I have a variable selected, it will put the character ÿ. I am currently using the svn build, I'm not sure whether this will happen on the precompiled version. Off the top of my head, it seems like a default value for keys it doesn't recognise. If Maratis had wide character support, I know there's a difference between how Windows and Linux treat wide characters, but that's probably not the issue.

I am just about to start cooking, so I can't look into this right away, but I'll try to this evening some time if noone comes up with a magical solution beforehand.

Re: ÿ in MaratisEditor under Linux

Something like that has been reported before,
and honestly I can't remember if it has been corrected or not,

in the X11 MWindow there is a mistake
line 445 need to be changed from
if(car == 127 || car == 32 || car == 13 || car == 9) break;
if(car == -1) break;

can you check if it's matching your problem ?
it doesn't appear on all computer when compiling so the pre-build version might not show it.

Re: ÿ in MaratisEditor under Linux

I just had a quick look, that has fixed the problem, thanks smile

Re: ÿ in MaratisEditor under Linux

cool smile
can you commit this change on svn ? it will be good thanks.