Topic: Lua for behaviours/plugins ?

I am wondering if there is any plan to support Lua scripts for entity behaviours ?
I think having this feature is important for game designers to quickly iterate without writing C++ codes.

Re: Lua for behaviours/plugins ?

Yes, there is a discussion on that, and Nistur started to do a behavior that call a script,
there is some design to plan to be sure that doing a script behavior is not too slow to run (as compare to a pure c++ behavior).

In progress smile

Re: Lua for behaviours/plugins ?

Awesome ! big_smile

Re: Lua for behaviours/plugins ?

I can try and polish this up and upload the code for this somewhere. I think it should be usable with stock Maratis.

Basically, the way it works is that, on update, it just calls a lua function with the object as a parameter. It's obviously not the fastest or most ideal way to do things, but it works, and should be more than suitable for non-CPU intensive behaviours.