Topic: [Maratis] Clone Positions

Here's a small example about clones :

There's 4 cones (+1 cone put outside of the scene, for naming easiness) and 1 sword on the scene.
Once the game is started,  a sword will be created at each cone position, and will start to rotate.
The red sphere (collsphere) is here just to test collision with the swords.

PunBB bbcode test

• Project : ClonePositions
• Lua script only : ClonePositions


- Rotating sword is a model from Reiner Tilesets
- Thanks to Tottel for missing piece of code wink

Re: [Maratis] Clone Positions

Neat! I can use that. Thanks

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I have used this to clone an animated character! I had remembered that I had downloaded this (was trying to use particle system).

I need to see how it works.