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sorry for the double post but I saw someone asked on about the high cpu usage as well but that was from over a year ago so I was just wondering if that little problem was being looked at? I also tried the particles demo and at first it looked fine but after I tapped space a few times in succession Maratis crashed :{..
Just as a side note I don't have a high end system. I'm on a pc that's about 6 years old, so don't know if there are any requirements? The documentation is also a little behind it looks like, if you need someone to maintain it I would be glad to contribute. And just out of curiosity why does only the spotlight have shadows.

Sorry if it seems like I was just running on like a school nerd, but when your excite for something you cant help it.

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welcome to the forum,

the cpu usage is lower when the application is not used (if out of focus),
but for a real time 3d engine it is normal that the cpu is used a lot.

The particle demo uses physics so it might be a little slow on a old computer,
try to reduce the number of particles in the script for your pc.

The requirement is not specially high (5-6 years old pc should be ok),
but to get all the features you will need a 3d card with minimum OpenGL 2.1
and a processor with SSE2 instructions.

Only spot-lights have shadows because the engine is using a technique called "shadow map"
that works only with a camera point of vue. Omnidirectional shadows could be done, but needs 6 shadow maps.

Re: Editor Problems

Did not realize it was real-time nice feature. I do have a problem with zooming though. using the mouse wheel yields nothing and I do realize that the version I have 3.21 is beta so maybe that's something that's a bug? I'm on Win 7 x64. Don't know if anyone else has this problem. Just to be clear all is needed to zoom is the mouse wheel right?

Re: Editor Problems

yes zoomin is done using the mouse wheel,
is your mouse wheel like this :

I don't know windows 7, maybe check is the mouse settings are correct