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Just wanted to ask if you're looking for contributors. I'd like to spend some of my free time working on Maratis, because I like the direction it's going and I haven't been doing much recently besides work so I thought maybe I could contribute something. I am python developer professionally, but I have experience with C++, though mainly just from playing around and hobby stuff. From what I've seen the source code is clean and easy to understand so it doesn't seem like too much of a problem.

The reason I've created this topic is because I want to implement some of the features mentioned here, but I am not sure how much of them might be already done or about to be done and just not pushed to the repo. So it'd be good to know what is being actively worked on and what is up for grabs as to avoid duplication of effort.

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Hi, welcome,
yes it would be nice to have a new contributor in the team,
are you only interested in the editor or the engine in general ?

There is some parts where help is specially needed, in priority but not necessary inter-dependent :

- the wiki documentation (script sdk, c++ sdk, examples...)
- a linux maintainer that would be in charge of testing and compiling the releases (special problem with libsndfile)
- testing Maratis on different platform / configs (specially OpenGL on windows > doing a survey)
- improving lua functionalities :
   - getSceneObjects
   - isSoundOver
   - pauseGame ...
- improving the editor :
   - add an option to show the object list in hierarchy
   - add an option for a magnetic grid when moving objects
   - add a color picker for light and text color (I already have some code that I can give you)
   - additional behaviors (lookat offset, simple player controller...)
- removing the dependency on libsndfile for a native use of libogg and libflac :
- removing the dependency on DevIL for FreeImage :
- testing the engine on Android

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I am mostly interested in working on editor for now, but I could do some work with the engine too after I am more familiar with the codebase and low-level stuff.

So for start I could do these things:
- wiki
- linux maintaining (Ubuntu is my main OS, but I am not exactly sure about this part. Would need some introduction on the issue with libsndfile, etc..)
- improving the editor
- improving lua functionality

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Thanks, very good,
lets keep in touch by mail.

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I am working on an updated version for Code::Blocks+MinGW32. I noticed that Maratis 3.21 has now a CodeBlocks10 project file, but it works only with Cygwin. There are also no Code::Blocks+MinGW project files to compile the 3rdparty libraries, which would be very useful.