Topic: MAGE

Introducing... MAGE!
The Maratis Adventure Game Engine.

Note: Mage is very very much in progress and doesn't do much itself now other than load sub-plugins. It is only being shared at this early stage to demonstrate how to combine plugins so you don't have to ship a game with thousands of tiny DLLs

The design of MAGE is to make it as easy as possible to design and create 3D adventure games. A lot of the functionality will be created by making and loading more generic plugins, but it will be brought together with lua scripts and code API that will be tailored towards making adventure games.

There are a lot of things to figure out how to do for an adventure game, and I've yet to decide exactly how much of that can, and should be done in MAGE and how much will be done on the game side.

- Inventory system
- Point and click movement
- Point of Interest
    - Comment or action
    - Actor conversation
    - Pickup
- Events


How do you use this?


It's a plugin, you have to compile it and put the DLL file on the same folder of your "mproj" file.

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