Topic: Please read this, for anyone considering a violent based game

No one has any right to judge anyone else, because we can't possibly know/understand all their life experiences that have lead them to behave as they do.  We therefore need to be as empathetic as possible, but that doesn't mean burying our collective heads in the sand either, does it ? wink

I saw no other  forum to put this in, so I chose general, and  I hope this post is respected and not ridiculed, for the objective message it brings.

I myself, am planning ALL non violent games, including redoing a well known mmorpg  to fit within the paradigm of non violence, so this thread is just as much GAME related , using maratis, as anything else.

THis therefore is as much 'creating games with maratis', and asking us all to consider the world we live in, and HOW we design maratis games,-  so here goes: < this seems to me a very objective piece on a important topic. While my second article below, given for a objective discussion is as game/news worthy as the first, its not as well researched as the first, as the first contains a ton of scientifically researched PDF's , so in the real world of science and research I suspect the first url will be the most useful to all of us. I think it should be IMPORTANT to note however, that as you can see in  the Huffington post article: … 74438.html < for a moderate look on the subject, as I did say this WOULD be objective. I think some of the links it uses for its positions are inferior, because at least one cites changes in brain activation, but doesn't ( unless I missed it ) given actual figures on this!?

Also President OBama's team is conducting research on this entire subject, so I think it deserves merit, and given that maratis engine users are just as  thoughtful as say UDK engine users, we know this topic will be of concern to them too wink

At the end of the day we have free will to do as we wish in any area of life, subject to societal standards,  - remembering that society doesn't always do what's best for itself, as if the current mess that SCOTUS has handed down lately doesn't prove beyond any reasonable doubt wink

So, given we users of maratis will be forging ahead and creating games that possibly millions will enjoy/use, we owe it to Maratis and others who play our games, to make a product worthy of the masses, because   each of us in our unique ways, are  directly responsible for our own little offering to society. That's a huge deal and none of us should take it lightly wink))