Topic: Call for a linux-port contributor


I'm searching for a contributor interested in working on the Maratis linux-port,
it include the port of the Maratis MWindow class :

there is already 2 ports :


Linux port will need to modify MWindow.h (adding an include)
and to create the port like this for example :


Like I used pieces of GLFW code for the cocoa port, it's probably possible to use some GLFW X11 code.
Here is a previous topic ont he forum for more information :

I will be very grateful if someone with Linux experience is ready to help in this way,
thanks a lot !


Re: Call for a linux-port contributor

I have lots of Linux experience and am slowly getting up to speed on maratis3d, so I will lend my help wherever/whenever I can.

Re: Call for a linux-port contributor

Hi, cool,
thank you,
I forget to update this post, the Linux port above has been done,
there is now a Linux version (beta) that is available to download.