Topic: Level Maps from SVG

I just came across a post when looking for a plugin that imports svg graphics as sketchup shapes. In the thread there is a workflow for using blender to get it done. … fzFKgpNJWo

This will come in handy for making large levels. You basically go from a drawn sketch (without Sketchup) to a 3d model.

I used the free software INKSCAPE to make my svg file but you could use Adobe Illustrator also:

Re: Level Maps from SVG

I've been using this technique a while back, it had to look at something else because i couldn't match blender grid size no matter what (ex : placing objects like doors, who all have the same scaling) this was also very problematic to make multiple-level stages (floor 1, floor 2 etc)

But its still very good for single rooms/corridors

Re: Level Maps from SVG

I think I am going to have to find a conversion factor for the software I use. I know you can activate grid snapping in most vector editors, I will see what comes of it.