Topic: Post mortem

I just discovered some of the events of last night discussion in the forum,
thanks to your multiple feedbacks and I wanted to conclude this on a separate post.

First I want to clarify that of course we follow rules of good behavior and decent language in this forum. But only to offer the best interaction between each other, and be respectful. There is absolutely no rules to restrict the subject of your game project or the theme of your fiction (in the limit of obvious decency/nudity/hate-speech). We are here to help and motivate each other and to offer some technical support.

The events of last nights were not a model of understanding and respect, that's why I removed some of the interactions.

Finally I want to let you know that VeganDev is no longer a moderator and should be welcome as a new user, we faced some incompatibility and misunderstanding during the past weeks, but I want you to be aware that for more than 2 years VeganDev removed manually thousands of spam and helped a lot of users. Thank you a lot for that.

Lets go on with good feelings and keep this forum alive smile
Thank you all !