Topic: [Adult Content]A Medieval RPG Screenplay for Game (WIP)

Note: If you are easily offended, my suggestion would be not to read this.

This is meant to show how a screenplay can be used to map out a dynamic story-line for your game. I included violence and tragedy in this example as an attempt to manufacture feelings of shock, empathy and revenge in the player, just as some movie's might.

This content is under the same license as Maratis assets. Everyone is welcome to participate and or take it and create there own derivative works.

No contributions will be rejected.

Hells Winter

Audio (Narrator):
Earth (The garden) was once a beautiful and peaceful place. The guardians would spend great lengths of time admiring this creation and its inhabitants. We called it gods last great gift.

Kevin MacLeod - At Rest … 20Rest.mp3

Flying down a dirt road at night.

Audio (Narrator):
We never thought that the most powerful of us, would corrupt such beauty. 

Flies thru a small decimated village on fire, into a cottage and up the stairs passing two men reeking with demonic influence.

As the camera approaches the bedroom door, sounds of a woman in distress and a man panicking can be heard.

Door Opens

We witness three men, in the process of committing great acts of evil, One is forcing himself onto the woman he has pinned to the bed and the Other two are holding her husband down forcing him to watch.

All three men notice the camera entering the room and scour with disappointment.

The first man ”holding woman down” looks at the camera, shrugs with a grin, and then slowly pushes the knife he has in hand into the woman.

This action signals one of the other two men(holding the husband) to quickly cut the man's throat.

The first man pulls the woman by her limp arm as he is getting off the bed, resulting in the woman falling limply to the floor.

Both husband & wife stare into each other eyes as they die, eyes clouding over.

All three men exit the room.

Audio (Narrator):
We were wrong.

The Camera is an angel, this is why the 3 men (NPC's) above look up at it and scour with dissapointment.

A female adult “Angelic” voice can be heard speaking to a child “Angelic” voice…

Audio:  (Adult Angelic Voice) 
Anna let him go ….

Audio:  (Child Angelic Voice in a whisper)
This isn’t right!!!

Audio:  (Adult Angelic Voice)
You must not interfere, doing so will only result in continued suffering.

Audio:  (Child Angelic Voice in anger) 

Audio:  (Adult Angelic Voice insisting) 
You must not interfere!!!

Audio:  (Child Angelic Voice in disgust)
And Evil must not be allowed to rule this world.

And with those words the face of the female child angel enters the cameras view and gently kisses the man on the head.

The man’s wounds begin to rapidly heal, his color comes back, eyes clear.

Flies out the door, down the stairs and exits the cottage,
continues to fly back in the direction that it had come from.

The man is heard letting out, a great scream he is hollowing with great despair. For everything he ever loved and ever was has been destroyed.

Right before the screen fades out ... "We hear the distant whisper" - "Seek the Necromancer" from the Female Child Angel.

We are at the Game Menu, presented with a save game dialog.

Act 1 Scene 1
Our player begins to wake, he is cold and weak "vision blurry". he is face down in muddy snow.

Flames/Crackling - The Town is smoldering ruins. Wolves can be heard snarling, snapping at each other.

The Wolves are fighting over the remaining corpses not taken by the fire.

A. Our character most chase the wolves off.
    1. Find a weapon

B. The Sun is going Down.
    1. Find food
    2. Find Shelter
    3. Find material to make a fire

AI kick's in and wolves return

    1. Fight wolves off who are attempting to breach shelter.
    2. Repair damage to shelter.
    3. Rest

Act 1 Scene 2

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Re: [Adult Content]A Medieval RPG Screenplay for Game (WIP)

Note: None of this is meant to be offensive, or an attack on anyone's Religious beliefs its simply a story.

Back Story & Concept

Typically in Medieval RPG Games you will find things like "Ogre's, Dragons,  Giants" etc. I choose to go a different route and make Medieval Times fears into a reality. So instead we have as enemy's "Demon's, Dark Magic, Evil, ..." you get the point. And "Angels" are the force of good but we wont directly interact with them there "Help" come's via "Voice in the back of your head, Luck, Dreams,  etc" There presence isn't even know by our characters and npc's there more of a "Hope or Twinkle of light in a very dark hole".

We called it gods last great gift.
In the beginning of the story there is a reference made "We called it gods last great gift.", this is meant to be taken literally in story terms.

In some "religion's" ones who have the concept of "angels". The one thing angels do not normally have is "free will" at-least not to the extent of what humans have. This leaves the impression in my mind that angels are more or less shells in comparison to humans meaning they appear pre-programmed or drone like.

In this sense the creation of "humanity" is special "like birthing a child", the creation of life is random "We don't get to pick what our children look like or what traits our children might have."

So what I did was removed "Gods" influence from the story, when god created humanity He/She/It cease to exist as a "singular" entity and instead shattered into the millions of souls that is humanity its self. Basically we are each a piece of god. And He/She/It doe not exist as a single being.

The guardians Note: I haven't fully figured this out.
The Guardians are heavens angels, there only purpose is to guard to soul's of humanity. "
    1. Insure soul's can always find there way back to the light <- Note: This need further explanation
    2. Maintain some form of balance. Note: This can mean anything, (Like having a Butterfly land on the nose of a child who is sitting in a field and morning the loss of a family pet. The butterfly brings some comfort).

When god cease to exist as a "singularity", the Angles(Guardians) were given "free will", so they could make educated guesses about who, what, when they should intervene in the evolution of humanity.

There purpose was never to interfere in away that would have a dramatic effect on humanity.

We never thought that the most powerful of us, would corrupt such beauty.
In the beginning of the story we hear the Narrator say "We never thought that the most powerful of us, would corrupt such beauty. ", this is in reference to "Lucifer" or the "Devil". I am not going to follow tradition here. I will follow the same basic story line on how the "Devil" came to be who/what it is know today. But events leading up to that will play-out differently.

Instead the story will go, that once god had become what we know as humanity, "Lucifer" seen this as his opportunity to take the throne of god and rain over all creation, unfortunately for him and his followers, regardless of how smart and powerful "Lucifer" was/is his power and influence does have its limits.

A war breaks out in heaven, and eventually "Lucifer" is cast-out of heaven by the other Angels(Guardians).

This results in "Lucifer" the Devil wanting to tip the balance of power and begins raining his terror on humanity. For every corrupted soul is one more addition to his army.

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Re: [Adult Content]A Medieval RPG Screenplay for Game (WIP)

All completely disgusting, imho. I wasn't raised all that different from you, so I can't imagine someone reading this, would think such wording, is just,,,ok. Its not , its unnecessary to 'convey meaning' and so many other more non violent rhetoric could have been used.

THis 'user'  has had a constant propensity to post negative rhetoric like this, is there a reason to allow it to continue ? I know he is a bit ,,,,troubled and admitted as much and no judgement here from me whatsoever, but should we allow this kind of horrendous insulting wording to exist here ?  Are such things necessary, to have a forum about game development ? GOd,I hope not. It distracts from a otherwise perfectly good engine.

The reason I say this, is , he has  been the ONLY one, doing this kind of thing. Why I s it allowed ? I get free speech and  all, but would we allow violence in other forms here, just for 'free speech' ? I hope not wink

I must rethink my willingness to use maratis, given this is here.

If you don't stand for something good in life, then society will just continue to evolve in the reverse direction, and Im not wanting to be part of something like that. I was raised differently.

ie: my point is not to be mean about this, to the contrary, Im a warm caring person, who cares a lot 'even' about animals enough to be a vegan, so to indicate that just because we 'can' do something, doesn't mean we should. Should children, and we know kids these days from 'early' ages learn to do many things,  be subjected to this kind of unnecessary dialogue ?

Kids deserve better, we all do , right ? wink


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Re: [Adult Content]A Medieval RPG Screenplay for Game (WIP)

DO we really need, adult content, on a game dev forum ? I've not seen EPIC allow such things there , and they are commercial..I don't think unity allows such things, and as we can see from their 'forum rules' they wouldn't tolerate this!

" 1d. The use of offensive language in any form. " , from here: … work-Rules

Why we would want to allow offensive language, is beyond me , even with a 'topic warning'.  Unity wouldn't, why us ?]

I wont be able to actively use maratis for anything, and I'll ask others not to, as well, until this is fixed.


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Re: [Adult Content]A Medieval RPG Screenplay for Game (WIP)

VeganDev :

I admit some parts of the story are a bit borderline but I don't see any offensive language here, it's a script and quite standard to the industry, story writing is a substantial part of game design. There is a warning, so don't open the post, but if you think Epic and Unity forums are better, I suggest you use these forums instead.

I personally encourage non violent games, but contemporary films, novels and video game production are using similar story structures, and sometime violent actions to describe something.

Don't be so negative and stop trolling this forum, I'm sure you have better things to say.

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