Topic: Graphical User Interface (In Progress)

I am going to try to put together a graphical user interface and post the progress here:

I need to review a topic I posted a while ago on whether or not to use scenes for different screens or levels. I will paste the code here also as I go. Here are some of the tools I will be testing to see which works best:

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects
Blender 3D

These are some forum topics I will be referencing:

Attempt 1:
Text done in Illustrator. Exported out to SVG
Imported into Blender. They imported as curves. Had to convert them to a mesh. Added an Emmit material.
Exported Maratis Mesh
Imported as an Entity.
Orthographic Camera.
The plane has a white emitt material as well.
PunBB bbcode test

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