Topic: Can't load engine dynamic library on OSX


I've built engine on OSX 10.9, Xcode 5.02 with scons and minor tweaks of sources.
But Editor bundle & Player bundle don't contain dynamic libraries (libMEngine.dylib & libMCore.dylib).
So when I try to start Editor I get error:

Library not loaded: @rpath/libMEngine.dylib
Referenced from: /Users/USER/*/
I wonder how to solve this problem ?

Of course I could put libraries somewhere and set LD_LIBRARY_PATH, or so.
But, actually I would like to have full packaged bundles (for Editor & Player) with all resources and libraries included in.
Is it possible ?

PS: Actually I solved this problem by copying all necessary libraries in application bundle.
BUT: Can we make automatic copy during build stage ?

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Re: Can't load engine dynamic library on OSX

The libs are copied during building,
did you look at the trunk/dev/prod/ directory ? where the final app is ?

more info here : … umentation

Re: Can't load engine dynamic library on OSX

Thank you!

I'm so stupid to suspect final result could be somewhere else.

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