Topic: Get mouse position

How to get mouse position in Maratis?
I have been trying to move the character
to the point of the mouse and
I need to learn how to get the position
of the mouse. With the lack of the
resources in the Maratis Wiki, I have been searching
everywhere ripping my hair out.
Please help!


Re: Get mouse position

The Sponza level has a good example of it:

Re: Get mouse position

Look at the wiki in "Input" :
"getAxis(axis)" and clic on "axis" (it's a link)

Re: Get mouse position

I am trying to have the game logic set up so that you would click
on a certain point in a map and then the game would register that
point and move you towards it. Its sort of like league of legends
or any rts in which you click on a point and it moves you there.

The problem I am facing is that
I cant seem to get the mouse position because it is impossible to
get a 2D position on a 3D field.

Re: Get mouse position

You might have to use several functions then.


Mainly getUnProjectedPoint() and rayHit() do the 2D to 3D thing.