Topic: Scrolling textures example

Simple Scrolling texture :
PunBB bbcode test

Apply texture (seamless) on your 3d model

Make sure its UV mapped of course

Go on Animation view then :
Make sure you are on the first (1) frame on the timeline

Go under texture tab -> Mapping, and put your cursor over "Offset"

PunBB bbcode test

(Side note, hold left lick on X or Y offset to see the real-time results !)
PunBB bbcode test

Press "i", this will add a keyframe at frame 1, note that offset will turn yellow and there will be 3 options added on the graph editor, like you can see here :

PunBB bbcode testPunBB bbcode test

On Graph editor window, Uncheck two of the offsets (depends on your needs, here i just enabled Y ) and move on last frame of the Timeline (200 in this case)
Put Offset Y on 1.00 , then put your mouse over Offset again and press "i", that's adding another keyframe at frame 200.

So far,
we have 1 keyframe at frame 1 with Offset Y : 0.00
and 1 keyframe at frame 200 with Offset Y : 1.00 (from 0 to 1 = one complete loop)

Ok now, on the graph editor window, go on Key -> Interpolation mode -> Linear
That will change the curved line to a straight one

If u don't fucked up, graph should look like this :
PunBB bbcode test

Now export with maratis exporter (dont forget to activate animation)
And thats all.

In maratis, some examples :

Simple texture on an object (i failed frame rate of the gif here è_é dont worry its smoother in maratis)
PunBB bbcode test

Scrolling texture + static normal on a plane
PunBB bbcode test

Scrolling texture + scrolling normal on a plane
PunBB bbcode test

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Re: Scrolling textures example

cool ! smile

that's a good example, it's a good trick to use texture offset for animated water,
rivers, or water fall.