Topic: Exporting From Blender (Tips)

Okay, so here are some tips when exporting from blender so that you won't keep running into issues (textures not showing up or scaling incorrectly.

First check out this page on the wiki: … om_Blender

0) Make sure the maps are in the right order

1) I usually use the GLSL shading mode found in the navigation menu in Blender (Press "N" to bring it up. It will be under "shading")

2) Make sure all of your textures are using the same UV map. If you are using a texture atlas, be sure to check a specific UV map from the drop down menu instead of just selecting UV for the map type.

3) If you have scaled any of your UV maps, make sure every UV map has the same scale.

4) If you created your map in Blender via projection painting or selecting a photo, make sure you save your map by selecting "Image" and then "Save as image." It is best to create your project folder and save all images in the maps folder before you export the maratis mesh.

5) If you have to change the location that the mesh file references, you can edit the .mesh file with notepad. I prefer notepad ++. For tips on how to change the reference check out this post:

6) Sometimes when importing from other software like Google Sketchup, the vertex normals will be messy. Using an "Edge Split" modifier on the mesh before exporting will help most issues.

7) I have a tutorial also in PDF format that will give you a more visual idea of what to do: