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Hello all Maratis3D members.
Even though my game is not released yet i would still like to share with all of you my website for it and what it is going to be.

Blocks Adventure is a 2.5D game meaning that the camera is facing a 2D angle but there are 3D elements to the game.

Blocks Adventure is a strategy game about the player called Block his mission is to collect all the Cublings he can get his corners on

But be careful as there are many dangers in his way.

Now this game will be released on 1/05/2014 and till then me and my DEV team are pretty much working around the clock to get this game to its Alpha stage but some people will get the chance to try out the Pre-Alpha copy of the game if they email me at

Now i would just like to say that my Dev team have tryed out alot of game Engines like Unity3D, UDK all of that fancy stuff but we never really liked them as they are all to complex and yes because they are complex you can make some pretty cool stuff from it but you can make just as good with Maratis3D we like Maratis3D as it is Simple to use and you still get the same results that we would get using Unity3D or any of the other game engines we do hope that Maratis3D will stay alive and not die out as we really do think it is the best game engine out there because it is a very simple game engine.

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Hey ShadowDragon!

Nice to see you choosing Maratis over other, proprietary engines smile
May I invite you to visit the Maratis IRC channel?

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Thank you Sponk smile

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