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This is a Maratis Starter Pack I am working on. It is very primitive right now, but I wanted to go ahead and share what I have so far.

The intent of this pack is to provide new users of Maratis with a full working example of the Maratis API in action, as well as provide starter assets for making a game. I want this to be a collaborative deal, so please add to the pack.

I will be working on the graphics once I get a few scripts and objects done.

What is included

This pack comes pre-loaded with a few small maps, meshs, sounds, fonts, and scripts to get you started.

I tried to keep the naming in my scripts simple and clear. I also tried to keep the functions short and easy to understand, so take a look at the scripts to see how they work.

How it is set up

The "main.lua" file is where all of the functions are used (some are commented out). The "system.lua" file is where all new scripts should be referenced (the "main.lua" file references the "system.lua" file. All objects are created in the "objects.lua" file etc.

How to add to the pack

If you want to upload meshes, create a folder for your meshes (with an appropriate name), and inside of the folder store the "maps" and "meshs" folders for your upload. All of your meshes should reference YOUR meshs folder, and not the main meshs folder. Store the top level folder in the main meshs folder.

If you want to upload a script, and it references objects, be sure to create those objects in the "objects.lua" file. Also, provide the objects with the method above. You will also have to include the .level file. The .level file should have a unique title to your upload. If you don't want to upload the objects, provide instruction on how the objects should be created, and where they should be located.

If you want to upload sounds, create a folder and store all of sounds in it.

Please upload all files as .zip files preferably, but RAR files are okay too.

The best way to upload files is via or as hosting sites tend to become bad links. I also use googlesites for small files.


-You can change the typing sound if you want, or disable it by commenting out the "playSound()" function in the TextInput script next to the key want to disable it for.
--If you change the angular factor of the box to 0 it will stay oriented in the up position.


Thanks to Vegas, Zester, and Anael for all of your help and input.
Special thanks to Vegas, and your awesome scripts!
-Tutorial Doctor

Well here is the download so far



--I am working on adding the particle system described here:
--Particle system is finished (though rough). Check my 2nd post for instructions (I will update the main download once I have made a bit more functionality.
-- If you have any ideas on what I should do to it please post them here:

--Working out my texturing and modeling process:

--Just added a few music folder in the sounds folder and added a few songs.

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Re: Maratis Starter Pack (In Progress)

Type: Script
Name: Particle System
What it does

This script allows you to emit an object as a particle from another object.


1) put the "Effects.lua" file in the main "scripts" folder.
2) in the "System.lua" file add the line: dofile("Effects.lua")
3) In the main.lua script, outside of the update function make your particle like this:


The first object is the object that will be the particle, and the 2nd object is the object that will emit the first object.
4) In the main.lua script under the update function call the function:


-The particle being emitted has to have physics enabled and a mass of at least 1.
-All objects should be created in the objects.lua script (if you want to edit and re-upload).

Download(1kb): …


Thank you anael for this amazing script! I have to work out some bugs a little though to make it work better.

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