Topic: Maratis on CMake and SDL2

Hey all!

Dahnielson started porting the Maratis build system to CMake. He also started to implement SDL2 as the
platform dependant windowing and input system.

Since he does not seem to be very active on his GitHub repository I decided to take a look for myself.

I finished the port to SDL2, implemented a WAV file loader and fixed most issues with SDL2.
You now have the possibility to use either LuaJIT or plain Lua for your scripting, controlled by a simple CMake switch.

I am currently working on multithreading and networking as well as a headless mode for the Maratis player for creating dedicated server environments.

I can only test and compile on Linux, so if you have time to compile and run the code, please do and leave a comment smile

You can find my repository here:

Have fun with it!

Re: Maratis on CMake and SDL2

Hi Sponk,

good, I'm also moving to CMake using Dahnielson work in the experimental branch : … perimental

I'm currently cleaning and rewriting the editor to use MGui2 and unifying the different code bases.

By the way, there was already a standalone WAV loader here I don't know if you noticed : … Loader.cpp

Re: Maratis on CMake and SDL2

Ok, I didn't know about the WAV loader.
I guess it is not important since both work fine.


Re: Maratis on CMake and SDL2

Great work, Sponk.