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I uploaded the recompiled MinGW version of Maratis here, it includes Maratis.exe, MaratisPlayer.exe, ManualUse.exe:

It should be theoretically a bit faster (around 8%) than the official Visual Studio version.
Next I will upload also the project files for Code::Blocks.

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very good !
I'll add a link in maratis website when I have some time,
later if you are ok, we can also add the project to svn and update freetype at the same time.


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Yes, I was hoping you would add the .cbp project files and FreeType 2.4.9 to the official SVN, once I have polished and published them.

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I added now also Bullet 2.80. It compiled without any code changes, like FreeType 2.7.9 did too.
I think Maratis is now the first engine which has Bullet 2.80! smile

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Re: Maratis for MinGW

nice smile

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Now I finished my proposal for r100, and uploaded all source code.

I called it r100_Lumooja_v1, which has the following changes over original r99 SVN:
1) Wrote in file trunk/dev/MSDK/MCore/Includes/MFile.h in line 33: #include <cstdarg>
2) Added #ifndefs for redefined original GNU C++ macros of stat.h in 3rdparty/dirent/include/dirent.h
3) Opened file trunk/dev/MSDK/MGui/Sources/WIN32/MWin32Window.cpp in WordPad and saved as plain text
4) Added Bullet 2.8.0
5) Added FreeType 2.7.9 (Note! When compiling freetype, it creates 3rdparty/freetype/objs/win32/CodeBlocks/libfreetype249.a, which must be manually moved into 3rdparty/freetype/win32/libfreetype.a (same for freetype.lib for Visual Studio 2012))
6) Added CodeBlocks project files for all projects
7) Added Visual Studio 2012 project files for all projects

Download complete source code: … ooja_v1.7z

I hope anael you can manually merge into the official r100 what you like, then my Lumooja branch can get less differences. These are the minimal changes to get Maratis to work with MinGW and Visual Studio 2012.

My next plans are to expose more functionality to C++ and Lua. For example I saw also that there is indeed a per-light ambient setting in the engine, which would be nice to expose to C++ and Lua API too. Currently all-light ambient is just pure black.

Then I also noticed that Editor has a "duplicate" function, which some users have asked to be available in C++ and Lua API too, and I think this would be quite easy to transfer.

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