Topic: gravity and dimensions

As a first trial with Maratis I've shaped a simple scene: a ground plane and a sphere. When I start the game, the sphere falls to the ground, just as expected. But if falls a bit too fast. So I scale the entire scenery by factor 10: size of the ground plane, size of the sphere, height of the sphere and of course the camera distance. The senery now appears exactly like the small scenery but the sphere falls down very slow, too slow in this case.

Ok, that seems to be logical since the time can't be scaled, only the geometry. It might be possible to accelerate the motion by setting the z component of the gravity vector to a higher value but that influences the acceleration, not the speed. To get the appearance of "real speed" the scenery should have a realistic size. Is there any clue, e.g. in respect to the amount of blender units for a familiar object (house for example)?

Re: gravity and dimensions


The correct scaling is 10 units for 1 meter,
you can find some more info about Blender exporting here :
have a special look to "Things to keep in mind"

Also, in case you didn't see, there is a "Support" section in Maratis website with additional doc and examples :