Topic: Confused about units

I am a bit confused about how units work in Maratis. I know that on the Blender exporting tutorial it says that 10 units is one meter. Okay fair enough. But is that 10 blender units? And how much is 10 blender units in Maratis? Is it 10 there too?

Actually, how much is one "square" on the ME grid? Is it one meter?


Re: Confused about units


the units are not modified when exported, so 10 blender units = 10 maratis units

and 10 units = 1 meter
if it helps you, it can also be said : 1 unit = 1 decimeter

It is mainly for the physics, if you want the objects to move in a realistic way.

Re: Confused about units

In the Maratis grid, one square is 10 units (1 meter)

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Okay thanks for clearing that up! I noticed that the grid in blender is different. In the blender grid one square is 1 decimeter apparently.

Anyways cheers