Topic: Headless mode?

This is a bit of a strange question, but what is the easiest way to make Maratis run without a window?

I'm considering using Maratis for a couple of different things, including having a scriptable, automated project build system. For this I would like to have a headless/batch mode. Simply disabling the draw calls in headless mode will stop it rendering, but the window still comes up. As things like MWinContext use MWindow to provide some implementation, I assume just not instantiating the MWindow wouldn't work. I guess making a dummy window with stubbed init/render functions would be the best way?

Re: Headless mode?

it depend, if you don't need inputs or opengl you can skip MWindow init and just create a console application.

Otherwise there is probably an option to add in MWindow to have a background hidden window (depending on the platform)