Topic: Follow behavior values

Hi, i'm trying to tweak the X/Y/Z values of the follow behavior but :

with getBehaviorVariable(Cam, 0, "offset") ->  nil
with setBehaviorVariable -> it display a random table in the console

any tips on this ?

Re: Follow behavior values

getBehaviorVariable(Cam, 0, "offset") is good, it is used like that :

offset = getBehaviorVariable(Cam, 0, "offset")
x = offset[1]
y = offset[2]
z = offset[3]

to set the variable it should be :

setBehaviorVariable(Cam, 0, "offset", {x, y, z})

Re: Follow behavior values

Right, the getBehaviorVariable values are correct, however i'm unable to change the values =x
Gonna make more tests tomorrow, maybe i just forgot something

Re: Follow behavior values

mh.. I think I found an error in the code, when sending tables,
that explain why it works with boolean and string but not there...

I submitted a fix on svn.

Re: Follow behavior values

Great, thanks wink
unfortunately i can't compile so i must wait for the next version