Topic: Maratis Exporter blender crashes

okay so i tried to export an animated sintel and other characters from blender to maratis and  blender crashes on the export menu ,  there are two files exported though .maa file and .mesh file
.maa file is 0 kb and when ever i add .mesh file as an entity  nothing shows up there (so i am guessing it never exported properly) If i export only the mesh file and not tick export armature Anim it exports properly and the file is properly loaded in maratis  but of course i need animations

My steps
1 add all the animations in general tab of maratis
2 select both the rig and mesh in object mode
3 selcect export-> maratis
4 Deselect both other  options except the  export armature Anim
5 Export.

and.... blender crashes
i have tried bunch of files this is one of them Sintel lite from blendswap

i use blender 2.65 and the exporter for 2.63+
Hope for support
Thank you for reading

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Re: Maratis Exporter blender crashes

I'm not able to download this sintel file, do you have another file to test or can you send it by mail ?

I found a "sintel_lite_v2_1.blend" file somewhere else that cannot export because there is 662 bones, maybe the problem is the same for this one. A single realtime character should never have more than 32 or 64 bones.

But maybe your file is different.