Topic: Problems with animation

So I spent a long time making my first character for a new game, and I rigged it, parented and made an animation. The animation is fine is blender, I think I set it up right. But it does not work. I tried something in another thread, about using vertex groups. I selected the right vertices and pressed assign, it didn't appear to do anything but I did it for all the bones.
I exported it with the armature and model selected, and yet it still doesn't work. I've run out of ideas, so I would really like some help, thanks.

Screenshots of in blender and maratis: … -25-60.png … -00-21.png … -34-79.png

Re: Problems with animation

In the armature modifier, be sure that only Vertex Groups is on :

Is it still working in Blender ?

For skinning in Blender, if you don't want to do the skinning manually,
- select your model, then select the armature (both need to be selected)
- go to object > parent > with automatic weights > select with automatic weights again

This will create vertex groups automatically and you can correct it by hand after.

Re: Problems with animation

This worked well, thanks anael. smile