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I'm happy to announce a new version of Maratis with a lot of cool features !

[EDIT : a new 3.21 version is available, without the activate/deactivate bug]

Maratis 3.2

- Improved Lua API
- Assimp integration, Maratis is now able to read multiple 3d formats (Collada .dae, .obj, .md3, full list) :
  - using "Add entity" is you want to use the model as-it
  - or using "File > Import 3d model" to convert the model into Maratis xml mesh format
  - note that all meshs are optimized and converted to binary during publishing
- Performances improvement using SSE instructions and vertex buffers
- Better 3d navigation, with adaptive center of view

Lua API :

simple 3d vector manipulation :
- vec3
- length
- normalize
- dot
- cross

object's matrix manipulation :
- getTransformedPosition
- getTransformedRotation
- getTransformedScale
- getInverseRotatedVector
- getRotatedVector
- getInverseVector
- getTransformedVector
- updateMatrix
- getMatrix

camera :
- getUnProjectedPoint (useful for picking)
- getProjectedPoint

system :
- getWindowScale
- getSystemTick

object properties :
- isActive
- getName
- getParent
- setParent
- getChilds
- enableShadow
- isCastingShadow
- setAnimationSpeed
- getAnimationSpeed
- setCurrentFrame
- getCurrentFrame

light properties :
- setlightShadowQuality
- setlightShadowBias
- setlightShadowBlur
- getlightShadowQuality
- getlightShadowBias
- getlightShadowBlur
- setlightSpotAngle
- setlightSpotExponent
- getlightSpotAngle
- getlightSpotExponent

physics :
- getMass
- setMass
- getFriction
- setFriction
- getRestitution
- setRestitution
- getAngularFactor
- setAngularFactor
- getLinearFactor
- setLinearFactor
- getCentralForce
- getTorque

inputs :
- getProperty
- getTouchPosition
- getLastTouchPosition
- getTouchPhase

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great, thanks

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HI Anael..

I still have the sluggish rotation ( nothing in scene at all) in this new version, though I thank you for your efforts to contintually improve maratis.

I have directly watched me rotating a empty 3.2 scene, while watching 'task manager', and what happens is this:

CPU spikes to 26 % ( or a tad more)
I stop rotating or using Maratis , and the cpu spikes continue at the 26% amount, and I tested it this way for several seconds, and the spiking did indeed continue.


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These are some really useful additions, thanks anael. smile

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Crazy update, that's amazing ! Thanks alot wink

..I hate doing this in the same post but i have to :

The Activate/Deactivate option in Edit menu makes maratis crash

About the new formats :
I made a test with 3 differents models, each one in ; collada, obj, 3ds, md2, blend
and put them into individual folders including their textures ;
I got a textured object one time with .obj format (with Add Mesh), but with the rest it
was either (always different for each models) :

transparent mesh ; but bounding box is there
untextured ; most of the time
Maratis crash ; only happened 1 time with collada and 1 time with 3ds
(i also got Weird symbols from the 3ds file once in mesh format)
nothing at all ; only for .blend format

I know it's not really useful report, gonna take better notes once i'll try again

It also happen that when doing Add Mesh then selecting a model, my computer is doing a "biip" ?

And not related to maratis but i noticed that re-exporting a collada file
from blender over the same one make blender crash hmm

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that's why it's a beta, continue testing and give feedbacks.

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- Activate/Deactivate crash : corrected on svn

- .blend files need to be exported in legacy mode to work with Assimp

- For the other 3d formats, best is to stick with collada, obj and md3 for non-blender users. Blender users will still have better results using Maratis exporter.

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Ok, all is working much better now, having gone back for now, to my 8800GTX, but If I ever go back for a time to the HD 4670 ill make note of the url offered.

Nice new features, and thx for keeping Maratis engaged wink


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Oh cool! This passed me by, seems like Maratis has improvet a lot since last time!

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Cool nice update big_smile when will 3.3 come out

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Another little problem, maratis often crashes at the game launch when i set a mesh physics to triangle-mesh, it's hard to tell what causes this, that happen alot with big meshes ( > 1000 tris ) but never with simple stuff (planes, boxes)