Topic: Stopping Maratis

I'll be putting my Maratis progression on standby for a while, whether indefinitely or definitely I cannot say.

It annoyed me to see that that is the case for the case for most people who came to this site, so I hustled to get some stuff done.

This is a GREAT engine. It's very capable and solid. I've learned a lot. My goal was a month, and I met it. But game programming isn't quite me. I know I can do it now, and that is fine enough with me.

I will probably check back in on the weekends if I can. Perhaps I'll work a little here and there on some projects I have.

Anael, I hope the best to you.

Thanks heartseeed for your constructive criticism wink hehe

Take care

-tutorial doctor

Re: Stopping Maratis

Well, that's a shame, TD. I've learned a lot from the exchanges between yourself and heartseed. I'm still nowhere near doing anything constructive, but I've learned a lot smile

Best of luck in your next venture.

Re: Stopping Maratis

Best luck to you too,
feel welcome anytime smile

Re: Stopping Maratis

I forgot about this thread completely ( gossip forum) and Im sure sorry about that.
You created some clever designs ( loved the cartoon tree and termianl) and helped on these forums as well, so I think what you offer far outweights any misgivings you might have about your ability , or not, to create  a certain type of game wink

Come back anytime and break loose the cobwebs, and utilize what you learned about Maratis , and make something special wink