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I haven't been a part of a forum community in a while, but I got to thinking about the word COMMUNITY (feeling a little mushy).

I don't know everything, and I am learning just like the next guy, even if he might be at a higher level than me. Now, I do wish I could do it all by myself, and make a game all by myself. I wish I could promote it all by myself etc.

I have learned a lot. But every time I think I am ready, I find there is more to learn. Every venture I have taken it ends up like this, so I find myself getting overwhelmed and usually quitting.

The next guy always seems to be on some higher level, and RARELY does the next guy take the time out to help someone who just is not on their level.

Then I thought, ''THAT'S THE REASON FOR COMMUNITY! DUH!" hahaha.

I went on one website. New guy asked a simple question and got shot down. Sorta rude really. Question not answered. I know the feeling. So I at least attempted, because I am new myself.

Thanks Zester for taking time out to help the other guy. In all facets of life, that is honorable. As long as Maratis maintains a good community, people will just want to help out any way they can.

You too anael. You help a lot.

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Awww wink No problem TD I enjoy helping others out.