Topic: TD Game Props

I am going to post a few animated props here that you can use as test objects. They will have ambient occlusion but no textures. You can use them with the test areas. Just put the maps and meshs folder in their respective folders in your project folder.

To change the speed of the animations use the function:


The door opens 90 degrees. 15 frames.
PunBB bbcode test
Download: … s/

Moving Platform(Animated):
The moving platform is basically a cube animated moving up and down. If you scale it however, it can become a platform. If you rotate it, it can move left to right.
PunBB bbcode test
PunBB bbcode test
Download: …

Fan & Lightbulbs:
PunBB bbcode test
Fan(Animated): … es/

LightBulbs(Not Animated yet. Thinking of animating a material so that you can freeze frame it for a color.): … /

I adjusted the origins of these bulbs. If you scrub the timeline, they will go through several colors. you can use:




If you want to choose a select color.
Download: …

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