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So, we had a good thread going where I was introduced to GREEBLES. And since then I have been liking this greeble business. So I want to show off some greebles I have been making. You can show off your greebles also!


More coming soon!


Made using Google Sketchup!

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Re: Show off your Greebles!

It is very simple to make greebles from renderings of 3d objects. I just made a simple model in sketchup with shadows on and used the Insane Bump plugin for Gimp to generate a greeble from the sketchup render. I then applied it as a normal map in Blender and very quickly I have detail without having to model.

Re: Show off your Greebles!

Wow you have really progressed TD great work.

Re: Show off your Greebles!

Hey zester! Been missing you here. I'm sure you were handling important business. Hehe. Thanks.

I've been learning more about the game industry than anything. Hanging out on Picking up new terminology and information.

Once I get some things straight as far as my workflow, I'll be able to crank out some more interesting stuff. Thank you so much for your help and HAPPY NEE YEAR!.