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I'm relatively new to the Maratis scene, but after looking at all the possibilities the engine offers (because it is extensible), I'd like to become active in its continued development.

I have a couple of ideas I've been knocking around for plugins, and I wouldn't mind some community feedback as to their usefulness and possible integration into the engine:

1. A SQLite Database plugin to add a robust persistent store to the engine (I would build a C++ wrapper around SQLite which would have its functions called from Lua/Maratis).

2. An OGG video player whose data can be streamed as a texture onto geometric primitives used inside the editor. I found this: and was thinking I could find a way to get OGG videos to play inside the engine. This would give users the ability to utilize cutscene movies inside their projects.

3. The ability to publish to Linux on ARM (version 6 and version 7 of the ARM instruction set). This would give developers the ability to deploy their games onto the Raspberry Pi and other, more advanced, Linux SoCs. I think there are some ARM Linux toolchains already out there, and it would just be a matter of getting that integrated into the editor.

I don't know about licensing restrictions, or how that may complicate things, so I'm open-minded to any alternatives if what I've suggested won't work. Thank you for reading, and let me know what you think.

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Re: Plugins I'd like to make (feedback appreciated)


I like the idea with the OGG video player. It would be very usefull indeed big_smile
About ARM publishing: It would be (theoretically) possible given that you would have to use OpenGL ES like on the Raspberry Pi.

The licensing is quite permissive so you probably won't have any problems with most of you projects:


Re: Plugins I'd like to make (feedback appreciated)


a video player would be great indeed, I made some tests with libtheora one time, but never manage to start some real work,
we also started a discussion here if you are interested :

A study of ARM devices would be also very useful, there is probably some work that can be re-used from the iOS port, iPhone actually uses ARM if I'm not mistaken.

Re: Plugins I'd like to make (feedback appreciated)

You're right, Anael, iPhone utilizes the ARM architecture.

My question is whether the Video and ARM publishing ideas are realistic as plugins, or if they should just be integrated into the engine directly? I know that, for my database idea, the plugin route is very workable. I'll check out that other thread in the meantime.

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Re: Plugins I'd like to make (feedback appreciated)

The video player would work good as a plugin.

About ARM, it won't be a plugin but more a build setup, by default all source should compile for ARM without modification, but might require some optimization or build settings (Bullet for example compiles as-it for ARM but got some ARM specific code for speed).

And for specific platform like Raspberry, it might also need build options for example to force the use of OpenGL-ES instead of OpenGL.

Re: Plugins I'd like to make (feedback appreciated)

Cool. Sounds like I should get started on my original idea first (the Database plugin) so that I don't bite off more than I can chew.

Is there anything I could do to help facilitate the addition of Linux on ARM publishing? Or is that something you'd be better at handling since you're the engine's author?

I totally understand needing to incorporate OpenGL ES 2.0, and I don't think that requires too much tweaking...? Both OpenGL 3.0 and ES 2.0 utilize the programmable pipeline, if I'm not mistaken.

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Re: Plugins I'd like to make (feedback appreciated)

Another target related to ARM publishing could be Android publishing.
Especially the Ouya could be an important target since it started to sell in Europe since december 2013 when I remember correctly.

(And I also need a reason to buy an Ouya big_smile)


Re: Plugins I'd like to make (feedback appreciated)

OpenGL ES 1 and 2 contexts are already done, but right now they are only used by the iOS port.

You can totally help with the ARM linux, I don't have any ARM hardware to test it, do you ?
The first thing is to see if the scons building system can work on an ARM linux system.

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I sure do! I have both a Raspberry Pi and a Beaglebone Black. That covers both the ARM v6 and ARM v7 instruction sets.

Re: Plugins I'd like to make (feedback appreciated)

Now, if I could test my games on Ouya, that would be so awesome! Is ouya an open sourced game console? Or does it just run android games? It would be so awesome if the ouya could run .exe files and such. I wonder if it can be hacked a little to do that. I also need a reason to buy an ouya (as well as a tv). haha

Re: Plugins I'd like to make (feedback appreciated)

Tutorial Doctor: It won't run Windows software wink

For this you have to look here: big_smile
Ouya only runs Android games afaik.