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Hey community!

I finally brought my postFX plugin to a (hopefully) stable state!
I first wanted to integrate this functionality into the Maratis main engine but decided to make a modular and customizable plugin instead.

You can find it here: … processing

You can operate the plugin completely with LUA code so no C++ needed to use it (well, you still have to compile the plugin).
There is a small glsl shader shipped with it which showcases some features. It is more or less a fast hack though.

Keybinding for the demo:

Up & Down arrow: More bloom & less bloom
Left & Right arrow: Bigger radial blur sample distance & smaller radial blur sample distance

Numpad 1: Bloom shader
Numpad 2: Radial blur shader

Have fun!

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Smart !

Re: Post Effects Plugin

Looks amazing, however i was unable to use it - i followed the instructions you gave, but i must do something wrong.
I will try again and describe the steps one by one if i don't succeed again