Topic: Maratis IDE

I propose make Maratis complete solution as Unity3d

IDE, Maratis Engine , Editor  on Eclipse platform (eclipse support all platforms and plugins)

for example

Re: Maratis IDE

Hey ifedorov!

I'm working on a program for easy game plugin creation.
It allows you to create a C++ plugin and compile it with VisualStudio, XCode, Code::Blocks, QtCreator or make. Not quite what you wanted but very useful for C++ development (I will release it as soon as it is published in the USC).

I think you don't really _need_ a full blown IDE for LUA scripting, since you still have to run everything in the editor which involves switching windows. Additionally there is the problem that Maratis currently does not support LUA debugging so every IDE will be used more like a text editor anyways.

Autocomplete and highlighting can be done with NP++ on Windows:
I'm not sure for Linux and Mac though.

Have fun!